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Messiah Yeshua has called and trained Avram Yehoshua in two primary areas: teaching His Body about its ancient Hebraic heritage and proclaiming the Great News about Yeshua to Jewish people (as well as to Gentiles). This two-fold ministry is reflected in the articles and writings on this web site. 

Since April 2013 Avram has been ministering in the USA. Avram also teaches the Hebraic Perspective via email. If you have any biblical questions you would like to discuss regarding the articles on this website, please feel free to contact him at

He also trains and ordains men to begin branch congregations of The Seed of Abraham in their communities. If you feel led to seek ordination through him, or just want more information on it, please see The Ordination Process.   

If you'd like to thank Avram for his teachings and/or to help him reach out to Jews and Gentiles with the Great News of Messiah Yeshua please click here.

Avram has taught more than 500 times in congregations in the USA and Israel. If you would like Avram to bring a message on the holiness of Messiah Yeshua or The Hebraic Perspective, please contact him at

All the articles on this website are also in PDF, formatted for reading and printing. They have footnotes (vs. the endnotes in the articles on the website). You can use the PDF articles for your own personal use and archives, email them to others, and also, print them out and use them as handouts. If you'd like any PDFs, ask Avram at and he will email them to you as attachments.


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