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The Hebraic Perspective of Messiah Yeshua

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Jewish Newsl

Jewish Newsl (Newsletters) are teachings we mailed out to unsaved Jewish people in 40 states and a few countries, from 1988 to 2009. They explain a passage in the Tanach (Old Testament) and also, how Yeshua (Jesus) is seen in the midst of it. Many Christians have found them to be a blessing because of their insights into God’s Word.
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 SAM the ROCK Thrower

After having lived in Jerusalem for more than a year and a half we were now in Mevaseret Zion…As I passed him I said, Shalom Yedidi! (The peace of God be with you my friend!)…He picked up a rock…and cursing Yeshua and me, he threw it at me with all his might!…I saw it coming, but I didn’t try to dodge it…
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The Feasts of Israel as Time Markers After the Resurrection

Luke and the Apostle Paul speak of the Feasts of Israel nine times in the Book of Acts and First Corinthians. Eight times they use the Feasts as time markers to tell their perspective audience when an event happened or would happen, and the ninth time Paul admonishes the Corinthians to keep Passover.
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Law 102

I thought I knew all there was to know about God after four years of seminary in the Master of Divinity program at Oral Roberts University in Tulsa, OK. I had already been immersed in His Spirit—what more was there to Christianity except loving Jesus, walking with Him, and loving others? One day a couple came to our apartment and shared about the Sabbath…
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Avram Yehoshua  57 years old (Oct 2008)
Senior Elder and Minister
The Seed of Abraham

Messiah Yeshua has called and trained Avram Yehoshua in two primary areas: teaching His Body about its ancient Hebraic heritage and proclaiming the Great News about Yeshua to Jewish people (as well as to Gentiles). This two-fold ministry is reflected in the articles and writings on this website. 

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