AM 2021

AM 2021 is the name of our project for Alfayo Maseru and his 13 Kenyan orphans who need some bathrooms. He and his wife Irene have been taking in orphans for a number of years. 

This is Alfayo Maseru and his wife Irene. The have 13 orphans and 3 children of their own, under 16 years of age. If you would like to give a gift to help us with this (and possibly our next Kenyan project if we have enough funds for this one), please feel free to send it through PayPal ( or Zelle, or send a money order or check to: Avram Yehoshua, 3855 E. Sioux Dr 7-A, Flagstaff, Arizona 86005. Note in PP or Zelle, etc., that it is for AM 2021.

Workers unloading the bricks for the bathroom. 

The structure of a bathroom is taking shape.

One building is finished. More pics to come.

Feb 2021: The bathrooms for Alfayo and Irene’s orphans is coming along.
Feb 2021: The bathrooms are nearing completion.